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Hello! [12 Dec 2006|11:03pm]

Hi, I'm suffertheneedle (parents won't let me reveal my real name) and I'm a U2 fan (obviously). I've been listening to them for only two years or so (I'm ashamed to admit I started only at HTDAAB and even then it wasn't very often), but I'm only 13 so I've at least got a bit of an excuse. They've been my favorite band for maybe half a year, though it's been the most musically progressive half-year of my life. My favorite albums are Boy, The Joshua Tree, and War and my favorite songs are "Bad", "Running To Stand Still", and "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Nice to meet you all!
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[09 Dec 2006|05:18pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey guys, my name's Aisyah and I'm 16. I've been listening to U2 since 2001. My favourite albums are, Boy, Pop, ATYCLB. My favourite member is Larry. Hope to be friends with all of you here :D

lovepeaceorelse@gmail.com [add me on myspace/friendster] ;)

Beautiful Day (Music Video) [For your Sony Ericsson phone]

Gloria (Music Video) [Ipod Video]

U2 18 Singles Promo [Ipod Video]

The Saint's Are Coming Performance - U2/Green Day [Ipod video]

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U2 interview [22 Aug 2006|02:46pm]

[ mood | bored ]


I've got a little youtube clip for you lot ;). I filmed it from my tv... so the quality is very crap + you can see me in the reflection *hides*

I was lucky to tape this. It was a very tiny clip on 'Show nieuws'. I'm sure the Dutchies around here know about what annoying programme I'm talking ;).

They had this theme the past week about celebs and their early years. And I caught something about an interview wuth U2. I had to work, so I taped it *hurray for me*

So here it is. The sound is very muted ( I noticed that when I uploaded it on youtube -_-. So you might need to turn that up (and make sure anything else is off, or else you will suffer from deafness ;)

I hope you like it... the interviewer especially gave his attention to Edge *huggles him*

*cause I know the embled link won't work*

X - posted at some other U2 comns....

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[25 Jul 2006|05:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello! My name is Rachel and I'm fairly new to the whole personal-LJ thing, so you might have to bear with me a bit. :) I'm 17 years old, so in one year I guess I'll outgrow this lil' community, but right now I want to have as much fun with it as possible.

Favorite member of U2? You can't have one without the others in my eyes! ;D Favorite Era? ZooTV fo' sho'! Favorite song? At the moment it's "Last Night on Earth" from Pop.

I really got into U2 when I went to my first two concerts in Arizona. I didn't even want to go, but luckily my mom dragged me off and got me addicted! Now she can't shut me up...heh...

Wowww, that was more than enough. So, hi. :) It's nice to meet you all

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[26 Jun 2006|08:01pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey!!! I didn't think I would ever find community like this...this is awesome. Anyway I'm 14, Unfortunately I havent seen them in concert yet, most likely in the future. I've liked them since the Pop album but it was my Mom and My Aunt who got me into them, I kind of rediscovered them about a month ago after watching the Zooropa concert..And I have to say I love Macphisto..anybody else? Anyway just saying Hi and now Bye ttyl!!

PS Who else is excited for the "Zoo TV" DVD?

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[20 Apr 2006|04:52pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Ok your all gonna have to bear with me because this is my first LJ community I have joined and I have no Idea what the heck I am doing.

Please allow me to introduce my self.  My name is Em, AKA The Thief, AKA Lakaya...what ever

I grew up Listening to The Joshua Tree, and personally fell in love with U2 when I saw that infamous Vertigo Ipod commercial.  Kinda stupid I know but hey I'm here and thats all that matters.  I'm 17 and the only person I know that likes U2 is my brother and he just does because I do. 

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Hey. [09 Apr 2006|04:05pm]

[ mood | blah ]

So.. I guess it's my time to introduce myself. :) I'm Lera (my real name is Jenni but in Internet people know me as Lera.). I'm 14 years old and I'm from Finland. I'm newbie here but I'm also newbie with U2. I've always liked them, but just about umh.. Well, let just say we have all been newbie-fans once! :'DD I haven't seen U2 live because they've been here in Finland only once in 1997. And I was so young then. >:CC I hope I can sometimes go to see them to Sweden, or somewhere else..

Other things I'm also obsessed with: Lost, James Dean + five million other fandoms.

And if you saw any typos, ignore them. XDD My English isn't that good..

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[08 Apr 2006|04:10am]

Hey, I'm Gee Gee. I'm 15 and have liked U2 since ATYCLB came out, but only really became a huge fan 2 years ago. My favorite albums are War, Achtung Baby, Boy, and Pop (yes, that's right, Pop. Should I run for cover?). I'd really love to meet over U2 fans in my age group, especially ones who are also fond of the Virgin Prunes/Gavin Friday.
My myspace
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[25 Mar 2006|08:48pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi, my name is paula and i'm 16 years old, I totally love U2, I went to see them when they came to my country, Chile, at the end of February, Vertigo tour, I was right next to them in the golden circle, imagine how much time i had to wait, but it was totally worth it, definitely worth it, plus i was also able to see franz ferdinand live. amazing that's probably to little to describe the feeling.

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[13 Mar 2006|06:52pm]

So it is a day late....or right on time depending on what countries calendar system u are using. But Adam's Birthday. Yes. So here is a picture of him with his dad.......

Done. K. Bye.
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Hi [20 Feb 2006|02:27pm]

Erm, well, I'm 16, my name is Lauren and I've liked u2 since I heard ATYCLB. My family are all obsessed with u2 as well. (this sounds like an AA introduction, doesn't it? I'll shut up now.)
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[13 Feb 2006|07:17pm]


I find this community lacking soo...USELESS POST!!!



They were once kids too...Collapse )

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[05 Feb 2006|07:51pm]

'Ello there. =)Newbie here. My name is Georgia, and I am far too obsessed with U2 for my own good. I'm thirteen, from Australia, and I've been in love with the world's best band and their gorgeous frontman for a couple of years now. My favourite songs are One, Stay (Faraway, So Close!), Gloria, Acrobat, Where The Streets Have No Name and Pride (In The Name Of Love). What can I say? I'm eclectic. XD I love techno U2, Zooropa, Achtung Baby and all that. I really can't understand why people hate Zooropa. It's amazing. I love almost all the songs, save the Johnny Cash one, which should die XD

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hello [24 Jan 2006|02:33pm]

hello, i'm Teresa, and I'm 16. I'm from Denver. I have been listening to and loving U2 since i was 12 years old, and now i am pretty much obsessed. I saw them here in Denver on April 20, and it was honestly the best day of my life.
anyway, feel free to leave me a comment or friend me, i love meeting/talking to U2 fans, especially when they are close to my own age.

interference=psycho_hippie (i think, i'll have to check)
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Hey [24 Dec 2005|11:56am]


I'm Natalie, am 16 and love U2. I've been a huge fan for probably 4 (maybe 5) years now. On Dec. 19th my dream came true and I saw the boys live in Portland. It was incredible. I'm really excited for Christmas, so I can get some money and go and buy a bunch of concert DVDs. :)

Anyway, see you around.
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hey! [22 Dec 2005|07:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey i'm lucy and i turned 15 about three weeks ago...im new here...but i love you guys already because i can't get enough of u2! i love them soooo much they're the best band ever. i fell in love when i was 11 when i heard "Sunday Bloody Sunday". i don't have a favorite album...i can't choose lol. war, achtung baby, and the joshua tree are like, masterpieces. i love "40" and "mothers of the disappeared". anyway, i'm glad to be here!

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Hello! [28 Nov 2005|10:03pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

My name's Maddie and I'm going to be fifteen in, like, a week. So I'm just going to say I'm fifteen. I really love U2. A lot. I'm kind of known as the U2 freak with my family and friends. Um. . my favorite albums are War and Achtung Baby. . . My favorite songs are probably Original of the Species, Stuck in a Moment (Even though they're not in my favorite albums. Oh well.), 40, Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Acrobat, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, In God's Country and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. I really don't have much of a life besides listening to U2. Mmkay. That's me. Hello! XD

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U2 Custom Homepage [22 Aug 2005|05:32pm]

Hey everyone-

I'm running this new site called http://www.awesomestart.com Bascially it's a customizable homepage. It's got a google search, your favorite news links, a link to your email, and all that kind of stuff.

I'm making skins for all sorts of alternative bands. There's maybe 35 other bands on the site, and I'm doing more skins every day. If you go to the main page you can see which are the most popular right now. All the Saddle Creek bands seem to be up there right now, so we need to get more people adding Velvet Revolver page as their homepage. That would be awesome if it was no. 1.

Anyways, the idea for these pages is you can just make one of them your homepage. That way you'll have all the links you need everytime you open up your browser. And the page will look cool because it has U2 on it.

Rather than clicking on the picture above, though, I recommend you customize it first by going here: http://www.awesomestart.com/preferences.php

Let me know what you guys think! There's more coming every day. Oh, and please help me spread the word! If people could repost this in different places and tell your friends and stuff, that would be really cool.

Thanks for your support you guys. You rock.
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Hey [09 Aug 2005|01:06pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey I'm new here, I've been a U2 fan since 2001. I'm 14 and my favorite member is Adam. I think U2 is the coolest band of all time(along with The Beatles and the Red Hot Chili Peppers!). Hope to make friends and all. See ya'll around!

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[20 Jul 2005|01:27pm]

Hi everyone!
My name is Alina, I'm from Russia
I'm for the forst time here, how are you? ;)
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